Ida H. Eldøen

Writer - Director - Producer - Animator




13 years old, Katharine starts thinking that she might be gay. To find her sexual identity, she turns to movies and tv, and from the representations she creates an image of how she should be. An image that is far from the shy and scared girl she really is. Through an all-knowing voice over we hear her story, her thoughts, and feelings, and we take part in her journey to find and to free herself.


"This Is Katharine" is a personal story, based on the directors’ own experiences. It tells a story about finding your true self, and the importance of representation.




Writer, Director, Producer and Animator   -   Ida H. Eldøen

Director Of Photography   -   Kim-Marius H. Olsen

Sound Designer and Composer   -   Sigurd Ekle

Narrated by  -  Lisa Cordileone (English)

Narrated by  -  Ida H. Eldøen (Norwegian)

Script Consultant   -   Jannicke Systad Jackobsen

Cut-Out Animators - Trine Vallevik Håbjørg and Øyvind Tangseth

Poster Design  -  Vidar T. Aune

Re-Recording Mixer  -  Audun Kvitland Røstad






- BFI Flare

- Wicked Queer

- LGBT+ Film Festival Poland

- Lovers Film Festival

- Out Film CT

- The Norwegian Short Film Festival







- London, UK

- Boston, US

- Warszawa, Poland

- Turin, Italy

- Connecticut, US

- Grimstad, Norway



Best Animated Film at LGBT+ Film Festival Poland



In 2019 we received funding for development for This Is Katharine, which we used to expand the universe, tighten the script, record a preliminary voice over and make lots and lots of drawings. Originally we had 146 storyboard drawings; now we have 298. And this is only the beginning!

Ida H. Eldøen recording voice over with Sigurd Ekle

Storyboard drawings

In September 2020 I got the chance to pitch the project at the Nordic Short Film Pitch at Nordisk Panorama, online edition. It was a really great experience and I got lots of great feedback on the project. I can't wait to get started on production!

Ida H. Eldøen pitching at the Nordic Short Film Pitch.

In November 2020 I got the chance to pitch the project at Torino Short Film Maket, online edition. It was a really great experience, I met a lot of talented people and got great feedback on my film.

Ida H. Eldøen participating at the Torino Short Film Market.

Photo by: TSFM



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