Ida H. Eldøen

Writer - Director

In Development


Cake Batt(l)er



Late at night on her way home from work, Mona Lisa saves a woman out of a collection drop box for clothes. She immediately falls for the lively and beautiful Emira, who is there to look for her Grandma's stolen coffee set. Mona Lisa forgets to ask Emira for her number, and while she's looking for her she agrees to go on a blind date with Trine


Will Mona Lisa find her way back to Emira, or will she fall for Trine's manipulations?





Recycled will be my first feature film, and we are so lucky to be part of the Norwegian Film Institutes new talent program NEO.


We are still working on the script, and will shoot a proof-of-concept this summer.



Writer and Director   -   Ida H. Eldøen

Producer    -    Bente Maalen




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