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In development

This is Kathrine


13 year old Katharine starts to think that she might be gay. In order to explore her sexual identity she turns to movies and tv, and from the onscreen representations she creates an images of how she should be. An images that is far from the shy and scared girl she really is.


This Is Katharine is a personal story, and it’s based on the directors own experience. I’s a coming-out-story that continues after accepting oneself as a lesbian, and also tells the tale of the woman and the human behind the lesbian.


Cast & Crew

Writer, Director, Animator - Ida H. Eldøen

Film Editor, Colorist - Kim-Marius H. Olsen

Sound Designer, Composer - Sigurd Ekle

Script Consultant - Jannicke Systad Jackobsen



Tagline, Norweigan Film institute, Mid Nordic Film Center


Moon Time


Mandu returns to her roots in Malawi to distribute menstrual cups and fight period poverty. Her seemingly simple mission becomes challenging as she discovers how the world is not ready for a smart and sustainable approach with no immediate profit. In the midst of struggles she gains new strength when witnessing the life-changing impact being made by her mission.



Director: Maida Hals

Producer: Ingun Tøndel

Production Company: Tagline AS v/ Ida H. Eldøen

Character: Mandu Reid


Funding and developments

TV2 : Winner of pitching contest at the documentary festival in Volda, Norway

Co-production market at Dok:Leipzig (2019)

Workshop at Sources 2 (2019)




Finding Joy


Finding Joy is a short road-movie documentary about the search for a face. The movie takes us on a journey throughout the world looking for our main character Joy, who is a stock-model with a shiny smile that pops up in different advertisements around the world.


The project got development funding from The Mid Nordic Film Center in 2018, and has been pitched at four different pitching-forums, amongst them The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival in Volda and Trondheim Documentary Festival, where it got honorable mention.



Director : Ingun Tøndel

Producer : Ida H. Eldøen



Mid Nordic Film Center


Finished films

The Evil Principal


The Evil Principal Svint, a vindictive madman is rampaging through middle schools in Trøndelag, Norway stealing the teachers knowledge and their joy of life. Anna and the rest of the children starts the intense fight to stop the evil Principal, and thereby releasing the stolen knowledge and joy from his life-sucking machine.


Cast & Crew

Writer, Director, Distributor - Ida H. Eldøen

Producers - Petter S. Olsen, Jørgen Hunstad

Cinematographer - Stian Eriksen

Cast - Magnus Winswold, Hallvard A. Ulsund

Sound design, Composer - Hallvard A. Ulsund

Sound Technician - Eli Nygård, Niklas Kummeneje

Film Editor - Hallvard A. Ulsund

Lighting Technician - Toni Vucic

Costume Design - Lene Nilssen Viken

Set Decoration - Marita Kristiansen

Makeup Artist - Marte Hassel

Poster Design - Vidar Tevasvold Aune

Visual Effects Artist - Henrik Dahl

Animator - Stian Nilssen, Aslaug Willumsen



Trøndelag Fylkeskommune, Kulturtanken, Midtnorsk Filmsenter, Helmet, Kindergarten, Tagline



26. October 2019, West Nordic International Film Festival, Norway

23. September 2019, Nordisk Panorama, Sweden (Winner - Childrens Choice Award)

23. January 2019, Minimalen Short Film Festival,  Norway


See the trailer here.



Check the film out on IMDb here.



The Half Wall


A gay couple’s lunch break does not go as planned when they engage in a discussion about how they can renovate their cabin bathroom. They suddenly find themselves in a heated argument which leads to a series of misunderstandings.



Cast & Crew

Writer, Director, Producer - Ida H. Eldøen

Cinematographer, Colorist - Kim-Marius H. Olsen

Cast - Anne Kristine Olden, Siri Farstad

Sound Design, Composer - Sigurd Ekle

Editor - Alice Winnberg

Lighting Technician - Daniel Almli

Still Photographer - Monica Lilleengen

First Assistant Director - Åshild Samseth

Assistant Director - Anette Svane




Tagline, Midtnorsk Filmsenter



8. December 2019 - Berlin Lesbian Non-Binary Filmfest - Germany

7. December 2019, Merlinka Film Festival - Serbia

24. November 2019 - Vinokino Film Festival - Finland

9. November 2019 - Queersicht LGBTI Film Festival - Switzerland

20. October 2019 - Museum of Impossible Forms - Finland

18. October 2019 - Hamburg International Queer Film Festival - Germany

13. October 2019 - Way Out West Film Fest - USA

7. September 2019 - Rainbow Film Festival - UK

17. August 2019 - North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival - USA

16. August 2019 - Vancouver Queer Film Festival - Canada

4. August 2019 - GAZE International LGBT Film Festival - Irland

28. July 2019 - Shorts Out! Brighton Filmpride Lgbtq+ Short Film Festival - UK

21. June 2019 - Festival MIX Milano - Italy

16. June 2019 - Shanghai Pride Film Festival - China

8. June 2019 - Short Movie Event: Pride Edition - Norway

1. June 2019 - Inside Out: Toronto LGBTQ Film Festival - Canada

31. March 2019 - Wicked Queer: Boston LGBT Film Festival - USA

30. March 2019 - BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival - UK

16. March 2019 - Roze Filmdagen: Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival - Netherlands

4. March 2019 - Kosmorama: Trondheim Internationale Filmfestival - Norway

22. January 2019 - Minimalen Short Film Festival - Norway

27. October 2018 - NewFest - USA

18. October 2018 - West Nordic International Film Festival - Norway - (Winner of Audience Award)

6. October 2018 - Tampa Bay International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - USA

6. September 2018 - Cannes Short Film Festival - France



See the trailer here.



Check the film out on IMDb here.



Wrap Rage


Anton's perfectly normal day at the office turns around when three previously unpublished seconds from "the Hobbit" has been released. His computer mouse stops working and the new one is wrapped in impenetrable plastic. War is the only option.



Cast & Crew

Director, Colorist, VFX - Kim-Marius H. Olsen

Writer, Cinematographer, Producer - Ida H. Eldøen

Cast - Anton Skarpås

Sound design, Composer - Sigurd Ekle

Film Editor - Marius Smit








9. October 2015 - Ramaskrik Horror Film Festival - Norway

22. July 2015 - Gutvik Short Film Festival - Norway

(winner: best fiction award)



See the film here.



Check the film out on IMDb here.



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